Saturday, 22 September 2012


its been a while, i haven't over the past months had the drive to Blog as a lot has been going on, but now things are slowing down. a few good points is that i have finally started a book that i have been dying to do for years, thank you to my wonderfull friend for the copious amounts of encoragement and getting me on my feet, your wonderfull! spending a month in africa has also opened my eyes to everything that i take for granted, iv never smiled so much in my life and nothhing seems to bring me down.
i hope to start a job soon which will allow me to get more animals as im dying to get a chameleon and some more frogs to add to my collection, ribbit! im hoping this time that ill post more and carry on and i may even add bits of my book :)
much love

"hakuna matata"

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